It’s close to end of the year….

Remember to put God first in your plan………

For a unsuccessful 2018🎺


Best reward

The best time your long time prayer come true are after the worst trail times in life surfaces👦

Palm Sunday 2017

Today we celebrate the feast of Jesus entering into Jerusalem…..the beginning of the passion  of jesus to the cross He  was celebrated and a grate multitude of people followed forth to welcome Him as they use palms calling him messiah and some women spread their cloths on the floor as they hear of all His miracles and more…….As we celebrate you JESUS…….As we do this in memory of you JESUS……As we rejoice with you today JESUS…….I love you My Master.

True life experience by sera

life has very though since i finished school,as my dad’s business dropped and my mum too
I was compelled to hawk plantain and sometimes beans to survive
along the line I even served as I was employed to take care of my guardian children
I was favoured amongst two of us leaving in her home so I was sent to school after one year of staying home after my primary school
she was very kind and acted like a sister and a mother she got used to me and I became like a member and part of the family 
after many years I had to go stay with my parents and things became more though 
I got a job and  things begin to turn shape
now I look at so many things have achieved and then i say to myself every time i reflect back that……####your past can never defined your future only if you want it to###.